A Senior UI/UX & Conversational Designer open to new freelance & full-time positions.

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avocado bots

Zalando Chatbot

I designed a chatbot with a 98% success rate for Zalando, a leading ecommerce company. I wrote a case study that is used at UC Berkeley.

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zalando chatbot

Ariana Health Chatbots

I did everything product and conversational UI for different health-related use cases. These chatbots are unreleased and hidden due to NDA's.

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ergo designer


I bring design thinking concepts to ERGO's innovation lab where we create new digital ideas for the insurance space and bring them to life.

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ui/ux design

Steamclock Software

I worked on a variety of different iOS projects for all different industries. Customers included Arc'teryx, Arkit and Checkfront.

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wireframe design


I created a variety of wireframe designs for illustrating TLGG’s vision for new digital products for clients in the logistics space.

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rungo design


I designed across platforms at this startup for web, iOS and Android. My landing page won top landing page at CTA Conference.

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I wrote about my UX process I created for Conversational UI that is used at UC Berkeley. I also wrote an article on user testing. ✏️ ui/ux design


I have done talks at Data Natives conference and Bots Berlin. Email me if you’d like me to speak at your next cool event! 🗣 product design


I co-founded avocado bots where we built chatbots for conferences and events. I also created a Bot UI Kit for Sketch for Conversational UI mockups and shared it so others can design wonderful bots too. 💬 conversational design