RunGo provides the best running routes equipt with turn-by-turn voice navigation for travellers to discover new destinations worlwide .

The Challenge

Users had a lot of issues with the current UX and were finding it hard to use. Prior to me starting at RunGo there wasn’t a distinct target market or user group. RunGo was in a diluted space of running apps and it needed to find it’s own identity and shine.

  • Mobile iOS App
  • Apple Watch App
  • Route Creator Website
  • App Marketing Website
  • Graphics for Web + Print
  • Pitching

UX design, UI design, graphic design, product design and management, web development.

Defining Objectives & Customer Validation

We created a series of questions for in-person interviews with the customer market we wanted to validate. I conducted many interviews for our first two hypothesis of our ideal users: race directors and running leaders/race coaches.

We were suprised to find that both our hypothesis were proved invalid, and these two groups felt threatened by RunGo’s abilities instead of finding it as a way to assist them.

It led us to our third market we would try to validate which was travelling runners.

This hypothesis deemed as valid as users seemed they would most likely use this app while travelling to explore a new city!

We then pivoted from an app for races to an app for destination running and tours.


I land in a new city for a business trip

I want to

Discover and explore what this new place has to offer

So I can

Be back in time for a meeting, be safe, enjoy the new scenery while getting a workout!

Ideation and Wireframing

After the customer validation, a survey, feedback from talking to customers at Dash for Dogs (an event I assisted in planning) we had good insight on who these users might be and their problems.

Users wanted to easily and quickly discover routes so they can get running in a place they don’t know where to go. They usually have a bit of a time crunch so don’t have time to get lost and want to ensure their safety. They wanted a more visually enticing experience so they can choose what type of they run they want, either a tour or something scenic.


User Testing

We conducted user testing along the way to constantly keep iterating based on our discoveries.

Before we started to develop any features we mocked them up and tested them in InVision to validat the idea and make sure it was usable.

After quite a few iterations for the initial redesign based on users input, we ended up with a beautiful, usable product that users were excited to use.



The app is now fully launched and can be downloaded here.

It's still being updated with the new designs, but mostly has been implemented. The app has recieved much better feedback on design, a team of RunGo ambassadors that are very invested in the product and a lot more downloads. It will also be on Dragon's Den in December of 2016.


Other Products Launched

In addition, we also designed and developed a Apple Watch App, a Web Route Creator, Web Route Search and held Dash For Dogs. I designed an award winning landing for Dash for Dogs.